Alpha 1.0

Like all things, there must be a point of origin. When it comes to products, it's that spark of an idea. For most ideas, it's the product of the need for something. In this case, the need for holding your phone easier and more securely.

I still remember the moment I got that new phone --- an LG G3. All that 5.52 inches of LCD screen glory got my full attention! It was a beautiful UHD (4k) display... the first on a cell phone. Just like any nerd gushing all over a new Star Wars movie, I hyper excited to play with it!

But (there's always a 'but' coming with these stories), there was something terribly wrong that I realized only after a day or two of using it--- the size! That large screen may be loved by my eyes, but my hands are hating it like kids hating sleep! It's so awkward to hold and you always get this feeling that it would accidentally slip out of your hands at any moment!

Then just put a case on it and call it a day, why don't ya! Well, no... it's different. The problem here is that it's large and hard to hold comfortably. And that is the key--- comfort. I was literally thinking of taking my phone back to the store and getting a smaller phone. But my eyes can't stop staring at that gorgeous screen! There has to be another way.

So being the MacGyver that I am, I thought about it a little... then I saw an old lanyard lying around... and bam! That spark of an idea came to be. I then cut up the lanyard and formed a simple loop that I stitched together. I superglued it to the back of my phone and presto... Ungrip was born! Of course, I didn't know at the time what to call it nor what it would become.

Ungrip Alpha 1.0

I tried it out... it seemed okay... so I left it there on my phone. But then the magic came 2 weeks later when I suddenly realized that I stopped complaining about my phone's size! My hands stopped complaining... because it was just so comfortable to hold! After realizing this, I stopped and studied this strap on my phone. I was so surprised that I immediately got on Google to look if there are available holders already. And as it usually turns out in this world, there are already TONS of options out there. I checked them carefully one by one... but I didn't like any of them! It must be my weird taste that nothing appealed to me. At that moment, I decided to develop this strap on my phone and let others know about it.

Ungrip Alpha in use

And that my friends, is how it all began. :)


Letting you go,

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